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bridgeneers as an innovative partner for development, builds bridges between the old, analogue and the new, digital health market in Germany. We are connecting young entrepreneurs with the relevant participants of the health industry. Together we are creating a platform for exchange and cooperation.

Our Know How for Start-Ups

The team of bridgeneers knows the variety, obstacles but also the chances of the health branch and acts as a guide for start-ups, through the demanding market. Our health system needs digital care solutions and young, innovative enterprises who encounter this challenge.

We are opening up the doors of hospitals and health insurance companies as well as to doctors and patients. Start-ups benefit from our experience and extensive network on the German health market.

The requirements on digital health applications are high. We need to support the analogue health supply while not restricting it in its possibilities. Patients should be more self-determining in caring about their own health condition but demand a high level of security. Clinics and therapy centres desperately need relief in their daily procedures and routines and no additional buttons to click. In order to ensure all of this, young companies need stable and lasting bridges, which are accessible for everyone.

For this, bridgeneers is emphasizing on an intense knowledge exchange at eye level. Our experts will give you space to grow. We want you to stay authentic in what you do and hold on to your vision. Thus, young entrepreneurs do not have to bend and distort for us because we want meet the needs of your innovation product.

Our developments for patients & partners


Own developments play an additional role for the bridgeneers. We are working on digital health solutions for our patients and collaborators to fill the gaps in our care facilities. In combining our innovative strength with our partners, we are developing new opportunities for greater sustainability. The bridgeneers transform impulses and needs for patients and partners into the development of advanced products and services.


Women who dare


In Germany, the foundation of a company is still more of a man's business. According to the German Start-Up Monitor 2017, the proportion of women starting their own business has increased over the past three years. Still, in Germany women establish only 14.6% of all start-ups. bridgeneers wants to boost this development further. That is why we are especially inviting female founders to make a change with us on the health care system in Germany.

bridgeneers & RECURA Kliniken


The family-owned company RECURA Kliniken has created an individual, creative environment with bridgeneers, in which young entrepreneurs can develop their business ideas.

The aim of the RECURA clinics is to strengthen the promotion of new technologies in the healthcare market. The innovation company bridgeneers GmbH will operate independently and profit from the resources of the parent company.

This is the ideal bridge between the many years of experience and the financial strength of the RECURA clinics and the dynamic and independence of bridgeneers.


Health System

In the land of poets and thinkers and service regulations, medicine and health are subject to strong regulations. The numerous criteria and certifications protect patients and users in this sensitive market. They guarantee the highest standards of quality and safety.

bridgeneers supports start-ups to navigate through this labyrinth. Whether it is the structures of our health insurances, the requirements for the introduction of medical devices or data protection laws and guidelines for treatment quality – as your partner, we will not let you come off the right path.

Together, we turn obstacles into new opportunities to win the trust of patients and users. Let us find out what opportunities exist for your innovative idea in the new healthcare market.


The first step is always the hardest. The health market is no exception. Patients need trust and security in the benefit of a digital healthcare solution. Young businesses that want to make a positive change for people's lives, must know the needs of their end users. The path to the first healthcare market is only possible if innovative ideas respond to patient’s needs.

bridgeneers offers a consistent partner network within patient care organisations. This is a unique opportunity for start-ups to get to know the demands and needs of their target group. Through the direct contact with patients, you receive direct feedback and the distinctive opportunity to engage your users into the development of your application.

Medical, therapeutic and nursing expertise

The gateway and insight into the daily routines of medical institutions is not easily accessible for start-ups and often associated with canvassing. As useful and simplifying digital care solutions can be for physicians, therapists and caregivers. If the benefits go beyond the reality of the facilities, young companies quickly encounter resistance.

bridgeneers is directly connected to hospitals, rehabilitation clinics and ambulant medical practices. We open up doors for start-ups to the processes and conditions in the health utilities. Even young entrepreneurs without a medical background will have the chance to test their digital products together with doctors and therapists. This direct exchange will reduce restrains and misunderstandings. Based on existing conditions in medical institutions, you can assess your digital health solution objectively by their benefits and feasibility.

Information Technology

The correct line – Hospitals and healthcare providers have an urgent need for cross-linked devices and IT solutions. Start-ups must ensure that the technical environment of medical institutions and the system requirements of their applications are compatible. This is an important step for the success of innovative supply solutions. It opens up further opportunities and potentials to drive the market forward in the future. However, the effort to produce interoperability is not always affordable for young companies.

bridgeneers offers start-ups comprehensive insights into the classic IT systems of treatment facilities, such as hospitals and medical practices. Together we can find the right and easy connection for your digital application to the ever-changing supply landscape. We help you identify key interfaces and give all stakeholders quick access to the relevant information.


Know what makes and keeps healthy – Especially start-ups who want to establish themselves on the first healthcare market have to persuade health insurance companies with medical and rational argumentation. Before the product can enter the market, the quality of care needs measurement and assessment.

With us, you have a strong partner with the necessary key competencies and clinical resources in biotechnology. Innovative young companies work with bridgeneers on a unique interface between medicine and engineering. You can combine the necessary medical knowledge with your smart technologies and prove their effectiveness by your own independent research.


Start-ups bring a fresh breeze to the healthcare market and mobilize efforts to make the health system more efficient. Though starting a business is not an easy task under normal circumstances and the conservative nature of the medical industry in Germany does not make it any easier. The young entrepreneurs have to comprehend the legal framework and research the market cautiously. Especially the financing of the business model should be carefully thought out.

As part of the RECURA clinics, bridgeneers GmbH is one of the numerous companies, backed by a strong network of economists and founding experts. Start-ups can benefit at every stage of their formation and, with our support, overcome the hurdles on the way to the healthcare industry.


A unique idea can revolutionize the entire healthcare industry and needs more than just air and love. It needs the necessary financial resources. Due to the strong regulations and high demands of the health market in Germany, some development steps may take longer than planned and these phases also need financing.

bridgeneers gives young entrepreneurs economic support and provides the financial foundation for start-ups as an investor. We are financing the potentials which can redesign and optimize the health care market. Founders, who are on fire for their innovative ideas and face the hurdles of the supply market, will be given the opportunity to surpass themselves.


For successful access to the health market, contacts are essential for young companies with innovative ideas. The effective connection to the key players in the market can provide important impetus for the development of applications. A well-developed network of all relevant participants in the healthcare industry is crucial for the success of the yet unknown health solutions.

With the network of bridgeneers, start-ups have access to numerous health care providers. We create the important hubs consisting of patient care, interest groups as well as the health insurance companies and the IT landscape. Whether regional or national - bridgeneers connects your team with the right experts.


Innovative developments in digital health applications enable people to take responsibility for their own health. However, start-ups and their plans are often slowed down, due to regulatory conditions, data protection and legal aspects. At first glance, these seem like an impossible obstacle by entering the first healthcare market.

As a tool for risk insurance, medical certifications offer newcomers the opportunity to win the trust of their users. They are an important seal of quality for all actors in the entire health system.

bridgeneers is highly experienced in this field and provides a comprehensive orientation on the individual regulatory requirements for your idea. You will benefit from our expertise and experience in certification procedures and the bureaucracy behind them. With us on your side, you successfully pass the necessary audits and understand the technical language in the communication with the relevant authorities.

Marketing & PR

Attention please! Public relations and marketing are important to any business. Particularly start-ups need a perfect market presence to create a unique image on the market. Especially during the first steps, young companies have the modern value and the chance to create a face for their innovative.

The alliance around bridgeneers GmbH combines all necessary competences for your perfect appearance in front of the relevant stakeholders. We complement your team exactly where it is needed.





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